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by Tim TIC
Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:56 pm
Forum: Tomorrow's World (Computing and Tech)
Topic: Limiting internet
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Re: Limiting internet

There's a program called 'cold turkey' which allows you to limit the time you spend on certain sites. Facebook is my nemesis and so I can block access to it (as much or as little as I want). The settings are valid for a week and you cannot alter the settings within that week. I had a dongle but it c...
by Tim TIC
Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:29 pm
Forum: Welcome New People Say Hello
Topic: Hi from Yorkshire!
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Hi from Yorkshire!

Although soon to be doing the unspeakable and moving to Lancashire! I'm Tim and I'm relatively new to growing stuff. I am become increasingly concerned with the rising costs of fresh fruit and veg, the diminishing quality and the air miles, not to mention the effects of agribusiness on small, poorer...