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by Wombat
Sun Nov 28, 2004 3:24 am
Forum: Allotments, Veg Patches and Container Gardening
Topic: I love my allotment
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Certainly have never come across them here in Aus. There was a community garden in my area a few years back but it has since folded. I am not sure why, possibly lack of interest or perhaps the land was resumed for building. The cost of land anywhere in the Sydney basin is disgusting! :cry:
by Wombat
Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:34 pm
Forum: Herbs and Vegetables
Topic: Vote for vegetable of the month
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I'll go with Broccoli too!
by Wombat
Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:30 pm
Forum: Livestock
Topic: livestock
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My livestock

G'Day Oscar :) , So far we only have 6 chooks (4 Rhode Island Reds and two Austalorps) and a miscellaneous number of worms in the worm farm, but am lining up to get some bees (one hive) and maybe some miniature milking goats. We only live on a suburban block and a hell of a lot of that is veggies an...

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