Breckland food co-op

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margo - newbie
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Breckland food co-op

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Thu May 14, 2009 5:10 pm

Hi to all in the ish community,

This appears to be a great site to help and learn from, i hope to log in fairly frequently.

Just getting the gauge on how many members are in the Thetford/Breckland area and are interested in seed/plant/food/material and labour swaps.

I'm also interested in local food co-ops, theres not enough or in most cases as round here there isn't one ...... theres got to be an outlet for the nations 10 million cauliflowers that all come on stream at the same time .... so if anyone is interested in helping to set up a thetford/Breckland food co-op ..... please get in touch ..... or indeed if anyone in the ish commmunity has any experience of setting up a food co-op then please get in touch.

Thanks .... Paul

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