council management

This is the place to discuss not just allotments but all general gardening problems and queries which don't fit into the specific categories below.
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council management

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got mt first plot to help/ look after 18 months ago... 4 van loads of waste and 50+ hours of digging later (4 years of weeds) it was clear.

forgot we had our name on the 'list' when we got our own official plot, only to find that the previous owner got the council to clear the plot.... their idea of this (council) was to bring a digger in and scrape back the to layer of the plot leaving a mound approx a ton and a half/ two at the front of the plot....hummm leaving lots of clay and still weeds behind :angryfire:

this happened about 5 years ago but still cant believe this was allowed to happen.

hey ho, half a ton and lots of digging left.

strange but questions fall on deaf ears

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Re: council management

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Yep well what councils know about gardening could be written on the back of a very small postage stamp. The old guard who were apprenticed in gardening have retired and been replaced by general skivvies who have to learn as they go along (or not if not interested).

It's one of the "pleasures" of taking on an allotment. You rarely get a good plot unless there is a site management committee which knows its knees from its elbows, is neutral in all matters and insists that people do cultivate their plots.

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