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Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:05 am

Seems silly that I've lurked on here on and off, and the only real posts I've made have been on Ginger Beer Plant.

Really, my blog and plot were about becoming self sufficientish

Well I gave up my allotment at the start of the year when I took on a new project - a proper house rather than a tiny little flat. Now I can grow stuff in a greenhouse (well, I don't have one setup, but my allotment had banned them as the glass could be dangerous to tresspassers) and have recently aquired one from a family member!

I don't have to spend most my allotment hours trapsing backwards and forwards from the tap three plots down as I have a self filling waterbut next to my back garden plot.

Infact, I have a lot of rainwater storage - 3,880 litres worth (though mostly empty at the moment) stored in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Carriers bought from ebay) and a collection of donated water butts. I've just rerun the guttering from my two flat roofs to take real advantage of all this. I've got about 45m2 of catchment area just off the out buildings! So now just praying for rain!

Since moving my plot (I have a bad back) I've built four raised beds - 4m x 1.2m x 0.45cm and humped in 8cm3 of good quality compost. There's nothing planted yet - they were only finished last week!

I've got two composting bins which I'm starting to fill this week

I've planted an orchard from Lidl fruit trees and done some drastic pruning to an existing one in the garden.

Where can you find lovely pictures, timelapsed video and all sorts of other mumbling and ranting? that's where :)

I shall continue to post some updates here as and when I make them. That reminds me, must shake the sloe gin tonight!
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