Parsnips (Albion hybrid)

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Parsnips (Albion hybrid)

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Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:12 pm 5 July 2012 Parsnips (Albion Hybrid)
These parsnips are almost carrot-like at this stage of their growth.There is still several months growth before they mature. Some parsnips can get the size of a turnip at their large end and still be of a good eating texture, not woody. 8 May 2012 Parsnips
Parsnips germinated. Upon removing the board to replant the seeds, it was found the seeds had germinated in about 18 days.Lucky me. 16 April 2012 Planting Parsnips
A 25 foot row of parsnip seed was planted. Method is to mark the row, rototill, flatten surface, place seeds along row about five inch spacing, water, place supports and place board over the row.The supports under the boards allows space for the shoots to grow without distortion,removed after germination.This method insures the soil remains moist, and when it rains the seeds do not get washed out of position. Germination is almost 100% using this method with little care required.

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