Tomatoes Final Re-potting- Germinating Seeds.

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Tomatoes Final Re-potting- Germinating Seeds.

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Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:54 pm 6 July 2012 Tomatoes final repotting
These Heritage tomato plants were moved to larger pots and will be grown outdoors buried in the ground during the Summer. If the season is too short they will be moved indoors before the first frost.The pots will be hand watered as required. Annotated pictures depict the process. 27 June 2012 Repotting Tomato Seedings Procedure
This is my procedure for re-potting.The objective is to transplant to a larger pot to avoid crowding the roots, and to have only one plant in the pot, and to not disturb the roots.The re-potting soil is home made and is the same as the seedling soil. 31 May 2012 Seedling soil. The tomatoes will be grown in larger pots, since my season is too short to plant in the outdoor garden this year.One final transplanting will be required, when the plants are of appropriate size. 24 June 2012 Tomato seedlings growing well
The healthy tomato seedlings are almost ready to move to a larger pot.They have been in full Sun for about nine days. 13 June 2012 Tomato Plants Germinated.
Tomato seeds planted on 30 May 2012 have germinated and appear to be doing well. 30 May 2012 Germinating Seeds
Here is how I germinate all my seeds. The overall objective is to have high germination rates, and to have little or no root disturbance until planted in the final growing spot.
The reasoning behind this method is: The pots are of adequate size. The plastic bags keep the humidity high and they need no further water or care until germination. The bags are removed immediately upon the first sign of germination, and the pot placed in bright as possible SUNLIGHT. Most seeds only need moisture and the proper temperature to germinate. Most do not need any light. There are one or two exceptions. I have absolutely no confidence in any artificial light and consider them to be a waste of money. My germination rate approaches 100%.

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