Planting Squash Seeds

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Planting Squash Seeds

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Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:52 am 10 July 2012 Planting Squash Seeds
The four squash plants in the garden were thriving, then got sick over the last week.They starting drooping and basically has all he indications of imminent death.The cause was indeterminate, possibly the squash vine borer or the excessive heat wave engulfing the area.Anyway the vines were removed and made into green slime by putting through the chipper/shredder. The growing area was rototilled and mulched.Sometimes there is an extended growing season and the intent is to try and grow some squash during this season. Two types of squash seeds were obtained and four pots of each type were planted indoors, under ideal controllable conditions. This is the typical method of pot, seed planting, and the germination rate approaches 100%, all things being equal. Annotated photographs depict the procedure.

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