Magic Water Wand (Potato plants)

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Magic Water Wand (Potato plants)

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Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:38 pm 14 July 2012 Magic Water Wand (Potato plants)
About 65 potato plants were watered in thirty minutes using The MAGIC WATER WAND. It is not prudent to jab any tool into the ground around potato plants, since the tubers might be speared.To overcome this difficulty, the seed potato position was marked with a stake at planting time. The WATER MAGIC WAND is pushed in the ground alongside the stake marker, and no damage should ensue. There is a severe drought in my area. 14 April 2012 Planting Potatoes.
Four rows were prepared for planting potatoes. The variety selected was Russian Blue (purple flesh), Alaskan Sweetheart (Red tinged flesh), and Russet Burbank (Red skin and white flesh). A total of 68 potatoes are to be planted, two rows were planted today, since the remainder are not ready for planting. The cut wounds are not sufficiently dry. Two more rows were planted on the 15 April, Russet Burbank and Russian Blue. The rows are two feet apart, about six inches deep and the potato spacing is such that each plant has a square foot of root area for growing. The seed potato is marked with a stake to facilitate location when digging and to facilitate watering if required. The vegetation is not visible at harvest. I expect around four pounds of new tubers per plant for a total of over 200 pounds. 28 May 2009 Watering Plant Roots.The MAGIC WATER WAND.
This method gets water to the root area of the plants. The hydraulic effect of the water makes pushing the wand into the ground effortless. The device is made by cutting off the end of a typical water garden wand as sold in most hardware stores.

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