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Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:31 pm
by Durgan 5 October 2012 Luffa.
The luffa produced a good harvest, but the season is too far advanced to allow them to dry on the vine. An attempt will be made to dry them in a warm location indoors. 28 May 2012 Luffa Sun Screen
The luffa plants were not recovering, in fact, they were slowly dying. Considering too much hot Sun to be the problem, a fibre glass mesh screen was placed over the plants. Now they perked up and appear to be on their way to full recovery.I encountered this same problem two years ago, but did not associate cause and effect. 15 May 2012 Luffa. Planted Outdoors.
Luffa placed in the outdoor garden along the trellis. It appears the leaves got sunburned, but should recover. There are about 8 plants in four pots. 4 May 2012 Luffa
Luffa placed outdoors to harden off. Today it is 15C. It rained a reasonable amount last night. The wheelbarrow is used as my relative rain gauge. 21 April 2012 Luffa Plants Growing well. 12 March 2012 Luffa Seed Germination and Growth
Greenhouse has been cool so germination has been slow, but the plants have good colour and are strong. All planted seeds germinated. 15 February 2012 Planting Luffa Seeds
Four plants are required to meet my purposes. Four containers of three seeds each were planted. Luffa plants grow slowly and require about six months to produce fruit.My Zone 5 is marginal, but usually get a reasonable crop. The pots were covered with plastic to create a mini greenhouse, particularly to keep high humidity until germination.