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Planting Garlic

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:55 pm
by Durgan 16 October 2012 Planting Garlic
One hundred cloves of hard neck garlic was planted. Depth is two inches to the base of the clove and spacing is eight inches centre to centre. The clove is simply pushed firmly into the planting area. The bed was covered with about four inches of wood chip mulch to inhibit soil drying from Sun evaporation.The leaves have no difficulty pushing through the mulch. The bed will require no care until harvest in July 2013.Only good shaped and large cloves were selected, but previous experience indicated that even small cloves produce quality garlic the same size as the larger cloves. 13 October 2012 Preparing Garlic Bed.
Garlic bed was prepared for the 2012 planting or July,2013 harvest. The bed was enclosed about 7 by 8 feet.Garlic cloves will be planted later in the month of October. A layer of compost(the fertilizer) was added and rototilled into the underlying soil.A new area is selected each year.