Organic hydroponic nutrient

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Re: Organic hydroponic nutrient

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Re: Organic hydroponic nutrient

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I'm just about ready to start my lettuce raft hydroponics experiment and I've been looking to make an organic homemade nutrient, so this is great, thanks for posting. Unfortunately for me though, I'm not blessed like you guys on the British isles with an abundance of seaweed to get the nutrients from haha. In fact I think my nearest sea is over 150 miles away and I don't drive, so it would be a rather unpleasant return train journey haha :P

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Re: Organic hydroponic nutrient

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The seaweed is not a problem as you can buy dried seaweed in powder form in most garden centres.
Or even just dried chunks ... ... anules.php

I'm looking into drying seaweed myself, as it's not really available fresh during the summer months and that's when I will need it most.
We're not allowed to cut seaweed without a licence, so I can only get mine from the tons of the stuff that get washed up in winter storms.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Organic hydroponic nutrient

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I used to buy seaweed for my goats, as supplement, but used it in the garden, too... Very useful stuff! And of course, you can get it as liquid fertiliser, makes it much easier to use, especially for hydroponics.
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