Another lesson learned

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Another lesson learned

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We decided this year to try growing our tomatoes under glass instead of in the polytunnel where we've had really poor results. Under glass in this case is on our SW facing windowsills. So we've cut down on the number of plants and only gone for cherry tomatoes to meake sure we'll have room to spread them along the length of the house as they grow. While still small the pots are on a couple of trays, one of which we put in our daughter's sitting room (while she's away :lol:).

Meanwhile, as she is away, we decided to lay new T & G flooring in her sitting room and varnish it with two part, really hard-wearing, varnish - three coats. The window and doors had to stay shut to keep the cats out for 24 hours but I never gave a thought to my poor tomato plants.

We went in the next day to find the leaves on the tomatoes crozzled, like they'd been singed! I knew this stuff was noxious but it never occurred to me it would damage the plants.

The good news is that after removing them to a place of safety they now seem to be recovering but I'll never do that again. Hopefully I'll never need to use that varnish again!

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Re: Another lesson learned

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Paint does that as well.
When I first made my big lean to greenhouse I painted the back wall with Sandtex white paint. I noted on the tin that it was "injurious to plant life". It was OK away from the wall, but any weeds that grew up next to the wall were obviously stressed, and it lasted a good 6 months before I could grow anything against the back.
I am going to paint my new greenhouse with primer and white gloss, but I don't plan on using it to grow anything until next spring.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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