Box schemes - do they work out cheaper?

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MKG wrote:That's a good point - what happens if you let cress carry on growing? I could Google it, but I'm feeling apathetic today. :cry:
From Wikipedia so not 100% reliable but -
Garden cress is a perennial plant, and an important green vegetable consumed by human beings, most typically as a garnish or as a leaf vegetable. The garden cress produces an orange flower suitable for decorative use and also produces fruits which, when immature, are very much like caper berries.

...Unmolested garden cress can grow to a height of two feet with minimal maintenance in a garden; however, the edible shoots are typically harvested just a week after germination.

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Hmmm indeed ... Orange flowers and caper berries sound good to me ...

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Hi, we have tried both Abel and Cole and Riverford, our main concerns were quantity for money and air miles, obviosly the citrus and out of season goods included in their regular boxes has to be shipped so now get our stuff from JS and hopefully the allotment will give us a lot of what we need this year too.
Let us know how you get on :flower:

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