Sending rubbish to landfill

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Sending rubbish to landfill

Post: # 140812Post Flo
Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:27 pm

This month I have sent more rubbish to landfill than over the last eighteen months. Why?

I've joined the town Ground Force and we have been having a major purge on rubbish left lying around the town. There is no way that we can arrange to recycle any of what we collect due to the areas we collect from (I hate irresponsible dog owners) and the arrangements we have with the council who take it away.

Six of us have managed to work for the allotted one hour on two Monday mornings so far this month and the results would have filled ten wheelie bins minimum. Everything from 10 empty paint tins and a traffic cone to a broken child's scooter and a manhole frame have stood aside from the black sacks loaded with filthy paper, cardboard, food containers, plastic and glass bottles, cans and even Avon catalogues.

It would have been nice if people had used the local waste bins or taken their trash home. But they didn't. And most of the public waste bins take everything and there is no option for recycling.

It raises the whole matter of public recycling. We as individuals have the facility to recycle but on buses and trains, in shopping malls and in the High Street there is just the general bin for rubbish. Which is all gathered up and sent to landfill. It rather negates the efforts that we make as individuals to be green and environmentally friendly and even self sufficient in not producing rubbish.

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Re: Sending rubbish to landfill

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Thu Jan 29, 2009 10:16 pm

It is good that people like yourself are willing to clear up, but disgusting that you even have to do this in the first place. I cannot understand why people can't take their rubbish home with them, or clear up after their pets.

As for public waste bins, I have a feeling this will start changing, as our town has started putting recycling bins in the town centre, next to the ordinary waste bins, so I am willing to believe this may start nationwide now!
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