Please support the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

If you know of a way to help save our planet, even just a small part of it put it here. Also if you want to ask how to help, or even if you want to promote your environmental organisation. All goes here.
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Please support the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Post: #230445 naturalhomes
Sun May 01, 2011 7:27 pm

South Dekota, USA, is a long way away from the UK but social networking has made our world so much smaller.

I run where I promote natural building. One of my members belongs to a Native American tribe in South Dakota where the housing is poor and the nearest organic fresh food shop is 90 miles away, 30 miles to the nearest fruit shop. Shannon who lives there has built a cob house as an example of sustainable living. Now she wants to plant an orchard for the community so the kids can learn to grow and harvest their own fruit.

Shannon has entered a competition for which the prize is 50 fruit trees. She is up against America's rich urban communities that are all internet enabled to vote for their own projects. All Shannon and her community need are your votes every day this month. She asked if I would vote every day, which I do, but I wanted to help more so I added an appeal to my natural homes website. Take a look at it, the link is below.

On the appeal page you will find a widget that you can include in your blog or website. Facebook users can 'Like' the widget which shares the appeal with your friends on your wall. Even if you only visit the appeal page to 'Like' the widget it will help, but what I really want you to do is vote for Shannon's project so she can win the orchard that will make such a difference to her community.

Please follow the link to the appeal page and 'Like' it. If you have a blog please add the widget so your readers can vote too. Now, if you have the time, please read their picture story and vote... vote... vote. The instructions about voting are all on the appeal page here:

Thank you so much, Oliver

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Re: Please support the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

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Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:57 pm

Hi any updates please?

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