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Rubbish diet

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:25 am
by Pumkinpie
I have just joined the Rubbish Diet.
It helps you slim down what you send to landfill.
most of you on here won't be sending much anyway with the ethics of this site.
I know I recycle and reuse quite a bit but I thought I would give it a go to see if it would encourage me to do a bit more and only send the absolute minimum to land fill.
We all do our bit in our house but some of the clan get a bit lazy and stuff goes in the bin for landfill when it could be recycled . My daughter and husband are culprits one and two. I hope this helps us get back on the straight and narrow and minimise what we throw away with out recycling properly.
If you want to join me Google The Rubbish Diet and join in the fun as the site looks unite useful.

Re: Rubbish diet

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:35 am
by Flo
I believe that the art of the rubbish diet is not to produce it in the first place if I remember the ethics of the site! That's the hard bit.

Re: Rubbish diet

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:10 am
by Pumkinpie
Principle is good. Practice is a lot harder. I am really trying hard to reduce my input and output of rubbish. Getting rid of my daughter to her own house with all her junk should make it easier as she is number one culprit not sticking to the selfsufficientish principles. Although I am very proud of the way she has furnished her little terraced house using preloved furniture. She has managed to get some lovely stuff for a song . We have a new second hand place opened nearby , it's an Aladains cave ,with some lovely stuff. I will pay a visit next when I need some thing for allot as it looks like they do shed clearances as well as house clearances..