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Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:45 am

I have just released a new website which I hope many of you may be interested in, called http://www.spareground.com

It is a free site to use and allows users to list whatever free space they may have so others may rent it from them. This covers anything from car parking spaces, driveways, garages, storage spaces, car sharing spaces, garden space, unused land, property, accommodation etc.

I believe it’s an ethical appealing site whereby, for example, you could rent out your unwanted garden space for others to grow produce on, rent out your parking space near a hospital, train station or sports ground where is a large demand for parking spaces, rent out temporary accommodation for those visiting nearby festivals or other events, lease your storage space to allow someone to store anything from motorbikes to caravans to items needing storage between house moves.

The website allows people to list any spare space they have under the categories of property, land, parking, storage or other.

People can then easily search for whatever space requirements they have using a straightforward category selection and/or a keyword search. They will then contact the owner directly to arrange the rental or hiring of the space on terms agreed between the two parties.

So far, as it is only recently launched and still in its infancy, the majority of listings are Cambridge based, (no surprises at as that’s where I am based!). However, this site is aiming for national usage so it would be great to see the word spread as soon as possible.

A site such as Spareground helps towards maintaining a green ethical approach, where we encourage people to use what we already have without having to build or construct unnecessary facilties.

It can also help save on fuel costs if people use it to find car share partners, also if you don’t have to tow a jet-ski (!!) to the coast every weekend, you’ll be saving on fuel there too!

I firmly believe this site will be of interest or benefit to the majority of people at some stage in their lives and hopefully it will soon develop to reflect that belief.

It sits well with the self sufficient lifestyle and I hope many of you will be able to benefit from it. Please register to the website if you like this idea and pass on to your friends.

I will make sure we add in a link to selfsufficientish.com!

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