Recycled wood

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Barbara Good
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Recycled wood

Post: # 163084Post paul123456
Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:39 pm

Hello there ,

My website is , at the moment only in German , but pictures say more than words and they're
plenty of them on the site. Translation is being made ,which will take time.

I make the furniture , mainly tables ,benches , chairs and doors from old scaffold boards.
All other kinds of carpentry jobs can also be done , whatever people want ,can be made .
All the joints are glued and screwed , the screws are hidden away by props.
The finished wood can be placed outside , untreated , oiled or painted .

At now I supply to the north west of Germany (Ost Friesland), transporting further away is not really
an option unless I do it myself .

So the site is not really aimed at the UK market ,but I'd appreciate your respons of what you think of it .

regards ,



Re: Recycled wood

Post: # 163400Post yugogypsy
Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:13 pm


We use recycled wood for everything around here. We haven't got to the furniture stage yet, but we make planters,garden beds, sheds and fences using recycled wood,windows and wire.

The wood is pallets and whatever other bits of lumber we can beg or scrounge.

So far we've got a chicken coop a barn and a woodshed out of scrounged wood and poles from the back of the property.

The windows we get from demolishing campers and we use the aluminum skins as roofing on the sheds.

We recently made a roadside stand from a donated workbench and donated lumber and labour. A friend built it for us in exchange for time out of the city.

Take Care

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