Prudhoe Gardeners Association have ....

Either you have a related website or you want to promote a website, whatever, stick it here. Adult related and other dodgy stuff will be deleted. Otherwise, carry on and tell us about yourselves. Please don't make this your only post, if your company does fit in then we believe you will too.
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Prudhoe Gardeners Association have ....

Post: #223199 Flo
Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:10 pm

... a blog of their own at last!

Almost every other society or group in the town has a website or on-line presence and it seems as if we are the last group to join the internet revolution!

The secretary was convinced that there was a website somewhere that had been created for the association so the assistant secretary and myself have made it so. Takes a couple of women to get a man sorted out. :mrgreen:

Of course it had to be done free didn't it? So that's why it's a blog which is easy to update and not a real live paid for website. There's lots more information to come in the next few months but a bit at a time and slowly.

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