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Re: Best garden veg

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my garden is divided into three ad is mainly edible my nice looking garden is made up as follows
at the back I have Victoria plum , quince, apricot, green gage and a mulberry tree
in between that lot I have black currants, red currants, gooseberry, cardoon, and artichokes, Jogo berries
in the front of that lot different kales, swiss chard ( yes I do eat it to love it ) lavender, hissop, winter savory , thymes, and wild strawberries,
manga tout and runner beans have just gone in to climb up the trees
than I got pots ever in front of the boarders with more herbs, blue berries, witch hazel, olive tree that yet to give me olives
sure I missed a few
but there is a lot of other inedible amongst that lot but planted to attract the bees
and my veg garden is behind that lot
and a herb garden behind that
all in a very long narrow Victoria terrace house
I not even sure how it all fits :lol:
but it keeps me in veg most of the year other than potatoes, carrots, and onions
and most of the weeds get feed to the Ginny pigs :iconbiggrin:
Darn that Wabbit

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Re: Best garden veg

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if you can get books out of your library I would suggest Geoff Hamilton's "ornamental kitchen garden" (the series is also in the dvd box-set), Joy Larkcom's "creative vegetable gardening" and Alys Fowler's "edible garden".
More than what to grow, I find that the challenge is to plan what's going to go in after harvesting and avoiding big gaps in the borders.

And another chard lover here! When I moved to the UK there were 3 veg I missed: small artichokes, courgettes & flowers (could be trombocino variety, still not sure...) and perpetual spinach. It actually took me years to find out what it was called in English as the dishes I was used to use perpetual spinach and not swiss chard. For the curious, google images "tourte de blettes", there's a savoury and sweet version, and "barbajuan". We also use it as a stuffing mixed with meat "en daube" slow cooked in tomato sauce. The only time we ate swiss chard was in a gratin using the stalks (leaves were thrown away!). Gosh, I feel like a veg snob...

Now I'm hungry and homesick... it's all your fault! :p

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Re: Best garden veg

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Another chard-lover here! The trick is to have it in things, not just try and eat it as a side-vegetable. We use it in frittatas and quiches, stews and curries, all kinds of things.

Julie, those barbajuans look great -- I'll have to hunt down a recipe!

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Re: Best garden veg

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how did it go with the edible borders

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