Indoor Chilli Plants

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Indoor Chilli Plants

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Wed May 13, 2015 8:08 pm


I was wondering about ish recommendations on indoor chilli plants for a south facing window and what would people recommend ? I use chillis in cooking and would like to also use them to be dried, potentially make my own lactofermented hot sauce too.

Any good experiences with certain types from anyone on the forum ? - chipping away at finding a life of simplicity in Birmingham, UK.

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Re: Indoor Chilli Plants

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Thu May 14, 2015 7:28 am

We had a fabulous crop of chillies last year grown on a SW facing windowsill (well several actually :roll: ). We're terrible with indoor plants - so they got watered once a week they were lucky. If they were tended more carefully I'm sure they'd be even better - either that or the stress made them quite productive.

We grew-

Habanero - fantastic flavour - our new favourites for pasta with oil and garlic. Not excessively hot but so tasty
Jalapeno - hotter but not very tasty
Scotch bonnet - HUGE plant - about 5' tall, and fairly prolific but very disappointing in both heat and flavour. We won't bother again.
Hungarian hot wax - not very prolific, tasty or hot. We are growing them again this year but only because we keep getting free seeds :lol:
Cayenne - quite hot, not much flavour

They all dried well, in the dehydrator, and are in several jars looking very pretty. Unfortunately the crop wasn't big enough to make hot sauce too. We made that a few years back with Serrano chillies - they were hugely prolific but I haven't seen any seeds for them for ages. It was fabulous.

This year we have -
Red cherry
Royal black
de Arbol

and one of last years Habaneros that survived the winter. OH found a great Dutch website where he got most of these seeds from - good strike rate and are making lovely healthy plants.

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