The Wartime Kitchen and Garden

Do you think The Good Life could be remade, with me or Dave playing Tom Good (maybe not!)? If you have seen something on TV or heard something on the radio recently that you want to talk about, tell us here.
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The Wartime Kitchen and Garden

Post: # 267653Post marshlander
Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:16 pm

Much as I'm enjoying the Wartime Farm on the Beeb,I miss prgrammes like The Wartime Kitchen and Garden ... re=related
In the first episode they're drying apple rings, stringing onions and preserving eggs
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Re: The Wartime Kitchen and Garden

Post: # 267654Post oldfella
Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:02 am

Thanks for this link, it bought so many memories of my childhood. I still have my ration books, somewhere, and also a tear in my eyes watching the men boarding the trains in 1939, that was the last time I saw my father. How many hours I spent in the Anderson shelter, and on last the occasion to find our home bombed. But through all this the People Shared, Laughed, Cried together, and to my way of thinking, hard as was it time, we lived as a Community which to a great extent has disappeared.

Just my pennies worth.
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Re: The Wartime Kitchen and Garden

Post: # 267659Post oldjerry
Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:24 am

And a REAL penny eh? not one of those tiddly little things we have today,that won't buy anything!!....
Seriously,I was brought up post -war (thank God) but our generation was steeped in it'smemories by parents ,teachers etc,and programmes like ''All our Yesterdays'' and 'The World at War''.It's a pity that it took a war,and massive levels of coercion to get people to behave in ways more common before the industrial revolution.
Actually I've really enjoyed ' Farm 'series This sort of working History seems to work really well on TV (it's not that new ,check out 'Back to the Land',I think, Pre-Historic re-creation circa 1977).Above all the 3 historians envolved are really good.And you don't have a Vote Off at the end of each program!

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Re: The Wartime Kitchen and Garden

Post: # 274856Post Topher
Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:27 am

Thanks for this, I think I got it on video when it was shown in daytime on one of the digital channels. It really should be kept "alive" IMO as its a beautiful bit of filming. I love the Ruth Alex & Peter series of farming films, but I least like their wartime one as it contains a few suspect bits (e.g. children dressed as Victorians for a recreation of shared harvesting).

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