James Marin Digs Deep

Do you think The Good Life could be remade, with me or Dave playing Tom Good (maybe not!)? If you have seen something on TV or heard something on the radio recently that you want to talk about, tell us here.
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James Marin Digs Deep

Post: #104583 the.fee.fairy
Thu May 22, 2008 1:01 am

Don't know if this one has been covered already, but its being shown on TV again (not sure where/when, my box thingy records it for me automatically).

Admittedly, i do watch it just for Mr Martin himself, but it is really really good! I'm rather jealous of his raised beds (and his greenhouse!). He's done a mix of planting live plants and seeds, and its great for newcomers to gardening too.

Hmm...Mr James Martin...hmmmm

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