Feeding weaners

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Feeding weaners

Post: #150197 Camile
Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:46 am

Hello guys,

I finally got my weaners 2 days ago .. 2 lovely boars of 11 weeks old. Nice and long with pinchable ham .. boisterous character and all .. (thanks Dara for the tips on what to look for).

They are more or less commercial crosses ... I think there is some landrace/large white/large black and the likes in them ..

Now, they have access almost ad lib to fruit and veg, grass and all on a good run ..

so should I complement their feed with a bit of barley/wheat/soya ?

at the moment they are getting a bit of pig meal like they used to just to prevent changing their food dramatically .. but won't buy that vile stuff ..

If so, any ideas what % protein I should mix it up to ? knowing that they will also get some eggs every now and then ..

I am hoping to have them as fat as can be too because loads of people have trouble finding enough for sausage making .. and I now my lovely butcher was one of them .. so if I could kill 2 birds with one stone that would be ideal.

any ideas or comments on that ?


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