Sheep Questions

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Re: Sheep Questions

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Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:35 pm

sbarrow wrote:When we wanted to change to a smaller breed than our Wiltshires, we went through a similar process, including the gulp at some of the prices for breeds like the Ousssants. We eventually selected Shetlands - reasonable price, friendly, easy lamb and easy to bucket train. If you would like to come and see our small flock and this years lambs you would be very welcome as we're up on the moor near Redruth.


yes please have sent you a message, we are still researching at the moment. Met a lady at Stithians who had Jacobs and someone else who had the white faced dartmoor we saw at Trevaskis. Both far more reasonable ££ but I'm not going to jump in without properly making sure we are right for a breed and them us!

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