Sheep and Registration

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Sheep and Registration

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Hello everyone

Well since my last post, we've gotten ourselves 15 chickens (and a cockeral called "le Grande Zizi" :wink: or Zizi for short, who is neurotic) 8 ducks, a 45 foot polytunnel, a small tractor and now, 4 sheep.

Thing is we got the sheep to cut the grass in our fields as we plan on rotating the grass control operatives (as my wife calls them) between the two fields. So we bought the sheep, gave the local farmer our smallholding number, so what do we do next ? Do we have to keep a log or something ? I've phoned the Welsh Assembly, but the lady I spoke to wasn't too clued up on this, so I thought I'd ask on here.

By the way, since they are grass cutting operatives, I called three of them : Atco, Strimmer and Flymo, with my little toddler naming the fourth one Timmy. No surprises there then !

Thanks all


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Re: Sheep and Registration

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you need a flock number.. I got mine by calling animal health, but sounds like you are in Wales?so might be different there

call defra and ask them, - they should be able to tell you of local number to ring.

the farmer should have given you some paperwork - animal movement licence with the sheep, you need to send your copies off to the local office too

all these addresses etc can be got from Defra, and once you are in the system, they will send stuff to you.

you should get some blank movement licences in case you move your sheep off at any time

good luck with the sheep!

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