new hens fighting

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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new hens fighting

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Hello there ,

got a problem with the hens . Have had 7 Rhode Island Hens for 18 months now , last week got 8 new Aruacana's and a big
white cockerel and put them all toghether . The cockerel got straight into the 7 Rhode Island Hens , but keeps bollocking the
8 Aruacana's , allthough he came out of the same pen as them ??
The new hens do not sleep in the hen house but stay out in a tree , do not even see them trying to lay .They are continously
bullied all day by the cockerel and the old batch of hens.

What to do ?

regards ,


Mrs H
Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: new hens fighting

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Defo separate them, they won't lay anyway if they r under stress so its important to get them settled and laying. Introductions can happen later. I know its a bit late now but I've always found introducing a cockeral autumn time works well as he isn't so frisky!! Maybe ur old girls r loving having a new man so much they don't want to share him!! Goodluck! Xx

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