Baytril ? for mycoplasma in chooks

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Baytril ? for mycoplasma in chooks

Post: #263738 matowakan
Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:03 pm

I am interested in what people think of Baytril for chickens who have Mycoplasma.
After a visit to the vet last week I was given a powder to put in with the water for 7 days - no egg withdrawal.
AS this has not cleared it up I went back to the vet and he prescribed Baytril.
I know that some countries have banned it as they reckon you can never again eat an egg from a bird who has had this drug. Other people say wait for 8 days after last dose,others say wait 28 days.
As the vet had only put instructions for meat eaters on the label - dont use any chickens for meat for 8 days after using -I phoned the vet back up and am waiting patiently for him to call.
However I have been looking it up on the net and I am really confused by the conflicting info.
Has anyone had experience of this drug to cure Mycoplasma and what to do with the egg withdrawal. As I have chooks for eggs giving them this drug-which cost £1.20(cheapest vet bill I have ever had!) seems pointless.

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