How do you sex a duck ?

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How do you sex a duck ?

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How do you sex a duck ?

We have been given 4 ducks, and a drake...and we don't know which is the boy.....any ideas ?


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Living the good life
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The drake makes a slightly different noise and will have a curl in his tail. He will also be the one on top :shock:

Cheers and good luck, Paul
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No, the one on top can be a girl, as I have discovered, much to my amusement! :mrgreen:

All my ducks are girls, even though I thought I was buying a boy and 3 girls. So as far as white ducks go, even those that breed them can't tell the difference.

Apparently the male has a wider beak! Oh yeah?

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Easy. Gather them all together and tell them you're going to eat all of their eggs. Most of them will look at each other and start a commotion. The one which is sitting slightly apart, casually cleaning the dirt from its webs and making no noise at all, is the drake.

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discreetly (unless in Norfolk) :drunken: - a small company in Sussex sourcing, supplying, and fitting alternative energy products.
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