Self-sufficient in Italy...

We love hearing from you, so here is your chance. Introduce yourself and tell us what makes you selfsufficient 'ish'. Go on don't be shy, we welcome one and all. You can also tell us how you heard about us if you like.
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A selfsufficientish Regular
A selfsufficientish Regular
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Hi there, nice to see you here too! Actually what I noticed this morning was that only two postings had been made by Contadina (whilst thinking you were Contadino) - I was sure you'd posted more than that. I then realised the subtle difference in name!

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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:wav: Hello and Welcome :wav:
A true friend tells you what you need to hear , not what you want to hear!

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I'm interesteed in the cement furniture!!

I like things like that - like the grass furniture.

Is cement not a bit cold for sitting on?

Living the good life
Living the good life
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You use cushions! We got the idea from the place we went on honeymoon. Indoors we'll be doing something like these sofas:


Outdoors we're building some pergolas from concrete cast columns. That project keeps falling down the list of priorities though, because growing vegetables & fruit is more important. Gotta eat!

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