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Homebrew, cordials, cheese, dehydrating, smoking and soap making. An area for all problems to be asked, tips to be given and procedures shared.
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Re: Home brew Outside UK

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Lidl sell it here when they are doing Italian promotions.
boboff wrote:Oh and just for MMM, :hugish: (thanks)

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Re: Home brew Outside UK

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There are many variations, but it's ridiculously easy to make - just steep 10 unwaxed lemon rinds in a litre alcool or vodka for a week, giving them a shake every day. Then heat between 450-600 grams sugar (depends how sweet you like it) and 750ml-1 litre of water (depends how strong you like it) until the sugar melts and has then cooled down a little. Strain lemons and mix booze and syrup and then bottle.

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Re: Home brew Outside UK

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MKG wrote:You see, you come up with a decent generalisation, and look what happens. :lol: I'm sticking to my guns, though. MMM, I wouldn't put you in the Thatcher generation at all. I suppose it isn't a matter of when you were born, but rather when you went through those opinion-forming years. What I'd consider the beginners of the Thatcher generation were born around 1969/70, so went through their teenage years in Thatcher's Britain. They'd be around 40 now.

Obviously not everyone can be tarred with the same brush. But I'll swear, for instance, that of people born in the 50s, the great majority became supremely environmentally conscious. You can't escape the world in which you grew up - it's bound to colour your opinions. So I would bet that the majority of today's 40 year olds have taken on board some of the selfishness and consumerism which were pushed so hard throughout the 80s.

So yes, it's a generalisation and like all generalisations, it doesn't always ring true. But I didn't invent the phrase "Thatcher generation", and it's generally taken to mean those people carrying the attitudes I've described.Mike
Being born in 1965, I guess I am part of the Reagon generation, since I am in the US. Most people my age fit into that "selfishness and consumerism" as pushed in the 80's as MKG said. very few people my age are doing "ish" type of things. Of the people I know, the age group with the highest "Ish" level would be 65 to 85.

In the US, those born in the fifties, are know as "Baby boomers". I don't see them being any different then the Reagon generation. Lastly, and a ray of hope, the youth 15 to 30 seem to be embracing "ish" type acivities.

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Re: Home brew Outside UK

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Proud to say I grew up in the ishy lifestyle, though it wasn't called that then, i am 32 :scratch: one wonders how THAT happened so damn quick :lol: Make as much as I can out of what I have.
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Bulgarian Beer/Wine/Rakia

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Hello to all, Here in Bulgaria, I have made my own beer, wine(Red Cabernet Sauvignon, and even created a Still from an old washing wachine) All with mixed results. The wine was probably the pick of the bunch. My attempt at brandy can be seen here:

Obviously this was just in the name of science as distallation is illegal here as it is in most places.



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Re: Home brew Outside UK

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Lots of wine making going on here with the locals - all around my age group (38-45). Even more popular is the troussepinette style drink flavoured with walnut leaf or cherry leaf. Our friend makes several hundred litres of each flavour to keep the whole village going I think!
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