Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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Re: Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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This looks very interesting, I found the article by searching for ginger beer plant on Google. Ginger beer plant is the starter culture/mix used for making an old fashioned type of Ginger Beer.

My first question is: when we talk of 'dried yeast' - is this the type sold in supermarkets for use with bread, or is this a special brewer's yeast?

I've made soughdough before by collecting 'wild' yeasts - beating flower and water in a large open bowl in my kitchen and then letting it incubate. It did produce very good sough dough and I've seen that this is how Ginger Beer Plants (starter mixtures) GBP were created originally.

Second question is.. have any of you tried this wild yeast method in lieu of 'dried yeast'?

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Re: Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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The home made ginger beer sounds great. I have some ginger wine concentrate in my fridge I might use this to make some ginger beer just using it instead of the dried ginger powder.
Good luck with the ginger beer making.

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