Making wine out of your weeds

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Andy Hamilton
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Making wine out of your weeds

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As I have been pretty busy of late my allotment has become a haven for weeds. Mostly dandelions, so 3 days ago I picked the heads off a load of them and stuck them in boiling water. have a look at this link ... elion.html

for the original recipe.
I did not have quite as many dandelions as is suggested there so I just used what was around. A small satsuma, about half a litre of dandelion heads in a litre jug of boiling water. Half a lemon that has been squeezed a few times and a small bit of root ginger. (just because I like the taste.) Then I have put in a pinch of yeast. the site that I mentioned says that it made for an explosive drink. Will let you know how I get on

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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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If this works Andy I will be out there with my bag collecting!

Please keep us informed
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Sounds like an interesting brew. If you need a tester, I am up for it! :shock:
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Barbara Good
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Explosive drink

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This sounds great - our churchyard is full of really lush dandilions at the mo so I will give this a try :drunken:

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Tom Good
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Re: Making wine out of your weeds

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Just made two gallons of nettle wine. :flower:
I will ferment it all in the FV for ten day then strain it and add to the DJ's and leave to fully ferment out, it's looking very good. :cheers:

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