Tip for Malting Barley

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Tip for Malting Barley

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I noticed that people have been asking how to malt barley.

I played about for a while until I found a fool proof way. Here goes...

Freeze your barley first (about 12 hours in a freezer or 24 hours under some snow) This helps "trigger" the barley.

Now the trick.

Soak a handful for 12 to 24 hours in water at room temperature.

Lay this out on paper/plastic/cloth on the floor.

Wait 2 days and then soak the rest as above. Lay this out as above but separate from the first small batch.

Wait until the first batch starts to germinate. It is now too late for the first batch to be useful but it means the second batch is ready. It doesn't hurt to include the first batch in the mash - waste nothing. You must boil the malt straight away or dry it either in a warm oven or in the sun (if you live in the UK the sun's that big yellow think in the sky hiding behind the clouds - a good postcard will show you what it looks like :mrgreen: )

Also if you find a friendly farmer ask if you can collect the ears of barley after the harvest. Theres always some left lying around. It's free and I usually can collect 30 or 40kg. You may have to pay with some of your beer :wink:

Adding sugar beet is a good way to introduce sugar and flavour to your beer. Rose hips also add a delicate flavour.

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