Real Ginger Beer Plant

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Re: Real Ginger Beer Plant

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I have no idea what you are on about, but you got me hooked at alcoholic ginger beer, I really like the sound of that, I do like a drop of Wychwood Ginger Beard, could I actually make something like that myself, bearing in mind I have never made any home brew ever

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Re: Real Ginger Beer Plant

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Just to repeat, I haven't actually brewed this, but have heard good comments
For 1 gallon (UK)
200g root ginger finely chopped (grated)
1 lemon cubed
750g brewing sugar
Pinch of cream of tartar
Simmer for 30 mins in half the water.
Bring to a gallon with more water
Allow to cool to at most body temp
Pitch yeast (whatever brewer's yeast to hand)
Allow to ferment out (may take time) in a demijohn (these can be jury rigged)
Once finished fermenting put into pressure bottles (old beer bottles or pop bottles) with 1 tsp auger per bottle, seal
Leave for 2-4 weeks to carbonate.
It does apparently make a dry ginger beer, so sweeten before drinking if you want.
I suppose you could make something more like ginger beard by switching out some/all the sugar for malt extract.

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