Welcome to our new mods

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Welcome to our new mods

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Just a small announcement to say 'Hi' to our new Admin members.

Most of you will know Green Aura and SusieGee from the forums. We would like to introduce them both now as mods :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Our mod team has been flexing a little recently... with all of us having busy lives outside the forum we needed to expand the team a little.

If you need to contact any member of admin for any reason please be aware of the following... Fee is out in China and has trouble accessing the site sometimes, some of us have kids at home, some of us run small businesses, some of us freelance, and some of us have real jobs :wink: , we all have crops and/or livestock and spend a lot of time being 'selfsufficientish' in our own ways.

Having said all that we are here to help so if you need our help you should feel free to contact us.

Anyway, I really should just be saying to Green Aura and SusieGee, welcome to the Admin team :wav:

ETA: the admin team list is now... Andy, Dave, Nev, Shirley, MillyMollyMandy, Red, the.fee.fairy, John Headstrong, AnnPan, Milims, Green Aura, SusieGee
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Re: Welcome to our new mods

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Well done you brave souls, for volunteering to moderate us rabble of rowdy, rebels :mrgreen:

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Re: Welcome to our new mods

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Thanks, we'll try :lol:

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