official self sufficientish cartoonist and new look Trish

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Re: Trish

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Dave wrote:Wow talk about a contrast - Spencer Hill's Trish looks great. I thought the old one was a bit of an embarrassment, I didn't like it from the start and asked Andy to take it off but now I quite like the idea of having a cartoon, especially one so professionally done.
Mine was an embarrasment, how dare you that took me seconds to draw then copy and paste over to each cell :mrgreen:
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Really great stuff :) I am sure it will work wonders for the site 8)



Warm Welcome

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Thanks to everyone who has commented so warmly on my cartoons, and to Andy of course for agreeing to let me redraw his creation. As Andy has already said, if any of you have ideas for Trish cartoons, if you send them to him he and I are looking for storylines.

My wife Linda and I are hoping to introduce more self sufficiency into our lives, which is why we visited the site in the first place!

I look forward to sharing more cartoons and learning from those of you already living the Good life :)


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Good work spence. She really adds to the site :flower: I have not seen a cartoon character associated with a site before.

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