Thanks Millymollymandy

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Andy Hamilton
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Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229414Post Andy Hamilton »

After 5 and half years as a mod Millymollymandy (Aka Mandy Allen) has decided to step down as from her Admin role - for no other reason that the fact she wants to spend more time outside. Which is essentially the whole point of the forum, so who can blame her!

Without the Mods this site would grind to a halt. It would very quickly fill up with spam and people posting twice in order to sell things (still spam); not to mention the occasional abusive person who gets everyone's back up. Mandy has been up at the early hours of every morning keeping an eye on the site and dealing with all this crap in order to make it better for everyone. She has never been paid a penny for her efforts, and even when offered has refused.

Only a few of you are probally that aware what has happened behind the scences. This forum is like a good garden it needs a good soil and a great team of gardeners in order to keep it in shape. Us mods and Admin have our own meeting place where we talk about how the forum should be run. Sometimes this area is a hive of activity and every post deleted, member banned or rule changed is not taken at all lightly. Mandy has been invaluable for all of these discussion. This is what makes this forum special, having people like Mandy looking after its every need.

Mandy has a memory that last right back to posts from 2005, when she first started. This has been very useful in the day to day running of the site and she will be missed in our little area. She can even remember the times that we used to deal with sometimes hundreds of daily spam emails by deleting by hand, a long laborious process. She can remember the last 10 times everyone talked about planting potatos in tyres. I wonder if she can even remember when Leonardo De caprio gave out a selfsufficientish oscar?

I can personally say that there were times I could have easily walked away from this forum and let it grind to a halt and without Mandy it probally would no longer be here.

So please can you all raise a glass and say thanks to Millymollymandy for her great work over the last few years in keeping this a fantasitc forum for all of us.

She has promised to stay around as a non admin so thankfully this isn't goodbye. Its just good luck with garden!

Thank you Mandy. :salute:
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229416Post thesunflowergal »

Thanks mandy :hugish:
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229417Post Green Aura »

That goes from me too, missing you already! :hugish:

I hope you all bear with us - MMM really has been our rudder, guiding us (the newer mods at least) through the unknown.

Thanks, you rudder you :lol: xx

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229419Post JulieSherris »

So sad. :(

But she'll still be posting right? :cheers:

And of course, she's on FB, so I still get to cyber stalk her! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Loves ya lots, MMM. xx
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229421Post pelmetman »

A big thank you from us but please not goodbye as we look forward to your postings.

Enjoy your extra time on your garden and please post some pictures from time to time as we loved seeing your garden.

Thank you again.

Sue & Dave :hugish:
Kind Regards
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229422Post MKG »

Awwww!!! - that removes her from the target group who have to endure the occasional pee-take. Not fair!!!

On a more serious note, MMM, I shall miss your pearls of wisdom and very rare sharp rebukes - but I have to agree that there are probably better things to do in the early hours (sleep being a good example). I trust you'll still be around as an active forum member. Just in case, I've decided that my signature shall henceforth be fixed. Enjoy your garden :hugish:

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229427Post red »

well done MMM :flower:

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229431Post spider8 »

Thank you for all your hard work and I hope your garden flourishes :hugish: .
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229433Post Annpan »

You have been a brilliant mod Mandy, I'll miss working with you*


*even though I've not been about much in the last year
Ann Pan

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229439Post bonniethomas06 »

It is fair to say you have been a veritable selfsufficientish legend MMM. My boyf takes the Pi$$ out of me all the time for saying 'MMM says...'

Thanks for all of your hard work and enjoy your garden. And make sure you don't go anywhere!
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229441Post StripyPixieSocks »

Awww sad to see you go as a Mod, but good luck with your garden :)

Glad you're sticking around though!

Thankyou for your time and patience while doing your moderating!

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :flower: :flower: :flower: :grouphug:

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229445Post Odsox »

Actually I'm going to enjoy this ... I can boss her around now without any comeback and delete all her replies. :violent1:

Only joking, I just hope when the winter comes and there's nothing to do in the garden, you will consider coming back, cos it seems all wrong you not being there. :scratch:

Good luck with you (temporary) new life Mandy.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229460Post Millymollymandy »

Awwww guys I read some of this earlier and some lovely messages too and I'm embarassed to say it made me blub :oops: and I had to escape to the garden!

Thanks so much for your kind words everyone, especially you Andy (aka Leonardo :wink: ). :grouphug: But let's get one thing straight - I'm not leaving the forum! Don't be so silly. :iconbiggrin:

Also modding here isn't a full time job that stops me getting out in the garden - it's the fact that I spend far too much time on the internet in general so I have decided to give myself a kick up the backside and spend less time on it - so that means all forums and fb etc and therefore as well as doing my gardening stuff we (that's my OH and I) can have a bit more time to get out and do other things in life. We tend to get bogged down with our garden, always talk about going out for a walk/cycle/birdwatching and then the weeks go by and we've not got round to it. I don't even read books anymore :oops: cos I'm always reading on the internet. So you could say I am going to get a life. :lol:

Mind you I don't know how long that will last for - so if you see me on Ish or facebook for too long can you please tell me to get off me 'puter!

The other mods are great and I wish them all the best and know they will continue to do a great job here. Thanks guys. :grouphug:

Love you all and will chat here, just maybe not every day, eh? :wink:

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
boboff wrote:Oh and just for MMM, :hugish: (thanks)

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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229461Post Milims »

Dearest MMM you will be sorely missed in the Mods area, but I'm so pleased that you aren't leaving us altogether. You've been a pleasure to mod alongside. :hugish: Big hugs and see you on the other side - and face book of course! :iconbiggrin:
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Re: Thanks Millymollymandy

Post: # 229485Post boboff »

So does that mean we can reopen the Great raspberry debate without fear of being banned?

Well having said that, it wasn't great, and it wasn't a debate as such, so anyone for raspberries?

Good Job MMM by the way, the internet, is best enjoyed in moderation, but evendently not in moderator!.
Millymollymandy wrote:Bloody smilies, always being used. I hate them and they should be banned.
No I won't use a smiley because I've decided to turn into Boboff, as he's turned all nice all of a sudden. Grumble grumble.

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