an apology, an explanation and some thank yous

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Millymollymandy wrote:Cons? Oh that'll be them lot of convicts down under! :mrgreen: :lol: :toothy8: :toothy7: :toothy10:

Get well soon Andy (I used to audio type too, no idea if I still could though!).

Don't make me come over there!

Look after yourself mate! I'll look after this lot! :mrgreen:

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Speech recognition

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Speech recognition can be a great solution for people with RSI, honestly.

If you practice and get a bit of tuition by someone who knows the ropes and especially if you have current SR software and suitable hardware... it's great. I know from experience: have been dependent on SR for making my living for over 7 years now. You can speak at a natural speaking speed and it should not necessary to cut-and-paste to the forum, but that depends on the versions. Even with older versions it should be possible to get decent results. Mail me privately if you have questions.

Having said that, I admit to regular bouts of rofl-ing at recognition mistakes. "Dicto's" are much funnier than typo's.

Best of luck with recovering from RSI, Andy. Regards, Jandra

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Sorry to hear about your troubles Andy. Its seems that the speech recognition stuff hasn't improved greatly. I once read nearly two hours worth of text into my computer only for it to write complete and utter rubbish on the screen.

I remember when I told it to do a full stop as it suggested I do, by saying "full stop" and it just kept writing "full stop", so after shouting at it my keyboard went to heaven and I deleted the software pretty quickly, best of luck though, can't wait for the book :lol:

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Andy Hamilton wrote:write this.

i will now sing three blind mice to you to show you how crap it can be.

Three fine lines
three online
C hello mum
C hello mum

they your own after the farms were
recovered some of the carving knife
did he ever see such a site in all your life is three blind mice
ROFLMAO - I've only just seen this post..... you could rewrite all the nursery rhymes using this software.
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