New look front site

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Andy Hamilton
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New look front site

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Despite being off line for a fair old while (joys of tiscali), have not been totally away from working with ish. We are going to be setting up a new look front site, hoping to keep the same feel to it but (for the other geeks out there) setting up a content management system. This means we will be able to update as if we were writing a word document. We will also make it (the site) much more easier to navigate.

So hopefully we will be updating much more often, at least a new article every month and some book extracts too.

Yep, thats it. :andy:
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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Hi Andy

For somebody such as myself wil spellcheck work. I must try harder.
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excellent. cos it is hard to find your way around atm

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I forbid you to change the front "Organic gardening jobs ...March" until it's April.
I've been watching that for a year now and I'm quite looking forward to March anyway as you said it's one of my favourite months in the garden as well.! :lol:
It's not easy being Cheezy
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