No deletion please

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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No deletion please

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I'm keen not to be delted, I know I don't post often as I'm time poor hubby is Mayor of our local town and life is hetic but do read the forum often and desire to remain a member thanks :flower:
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Rest assured that your account will not be deleted :mrgreen:

The object of the exercise was to rid the member list of spam members that had posted zero posts but had dodgy websites in their profile that could potentially cause problems for people if they chose to click through... that and to remove the list of inactive members that had never posted or activated their accounts.

It's lovely to hear from people, whether it be every day or once a month, or once every blue moon. :flower:

Glad that you enjoy looking at the forum.
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Wot Shirl Said! :mrgreen:

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yeh wot Nev said...

I like like minded people... a bit like minded anyway.. well people with bits of their minds that are like the bits of my mind that I like...

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Glad to know you find time to read us in your hectic life! :flower:
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All of the above :mrgreen: :flower: :dave:
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