energy monitors

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Barbara Good
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energy monitors

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Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:54 pm

ho hum - was looking at my efergy monitor today and thought "that's reading low- considering whats running at the mo " - so did a bit of investigating - i dug out my spare ( original ) monitor an electrisave - and then had a rummage around in the rats nest that passes for an electric cupboard ( why is it they never seem to do tidy wiring in these ?? )

well first things first - had it on the WRONG cable :oops: :oops: - the negative not the live - well once i had figured out which was the RIGHT one ( why don't they wrap a bit of red tape round the bloody thing to identify it ?? jeez is that TOO much to ask ?? or do they think we all bleeding psychic ?? ) - i noticed that if i moved the sensor the reading varied ( the sensor is quite loose on my cables - sooooooooo

i cut a small section of plastic cable covering from some old wire and taped it to the mains lead - the sensor now fits snugly and does not alter the reading if wiggled :thumbright: - then i fitted the other sensor to the same cable a few inches away - result A; the monitors are reading i assume accurately - well they should be as i turned everything off bar one 400 halogen fire ( which uses 387 w in reality ) -AND B: they now agree within about 30 w of each other - which i suppose aint bad given the verities of manufacturing / differing models etc

so you may want to check that your monitor is not doing the same thing ?? - turn everything off bar a KNOWN load eg a 1 kw fire ( having one of those plug in power monitor thingies helps as there is usually a W setting which will tell you pretty accurately the load ) and see if the main monitor reads true ( or near enough for jazz )

if so REJOICE :thumbright: -if not time to do some investigating :roll:

usual cautions : if you don't know whats what in the meter cupboard call some one who does ( i do and STILL made a mistake- my error - rushing when i fitted it ) ) - and of course don't interfere with anything else in there as electricity is dangerous etc etc - never poke around with metal tools etc or remove covers - and if any thing looks wrong like bare wires ( mice and rats love the plastic ) - call your supplier immediately - blah blah blah - oh come on folks this is common dog

nooooooow what WILL be interesting is if the NEW new monitor i am going to get from British gas as part of their "energy smart " scheme - reads any thing like the same - well if all else fails i can average out the results eh ?? :scratch: :thumbright:

one things for sure i got to cut back some where :scratch: - though where i don't know ?? - have already tuned ff those stupid electric brick heaters - so that will save a bit - ho hum - guess a visit to primark ( hush my mouth ) is in order to buy some more fleeces and long johns :lol: :lol:
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Re: energy monitors

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Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:27 pm

You posted this twice brett and this one seemed to have an extra few lines. Otherwise couldn't spot any difference.
So I've deleted the earlier version. Hope that's OK.

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