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We were wondering if anyone had any experience of Hypermiling (the art of maximising fuel economy)? There are several techniques, like overinflation of the tyres (not neccesarily advisable as it increaces stopping distances and reduces traction), coasting, weight reduction, driving style etc..

So far, the best we've managed is around the 60mpg mark, with just adopting a better driving technique. I'd love to get over 100mpg, but we're a long way off yet. Has anyone got any tips or experience?

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Re: Hypermiling?

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Sort of. My car transport (I normally use a motorbike) is a diesel Seat Alhambra. If I just drive it normally I get about 40mpg which isn't bad for something which is basically a van. However if I really try to anticipate junctions, red lights and traffic queues and cut my motorway speed down from an indicated 75 to 70 then I get 47mpg; nearly a 20% improvement.

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Re: Hypermiling?

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It's also important to not use vehicles for short journeys; IIRC, for instance, catalytic converters help you consume more fuel until they warm up. Can anyone confirm that?

For a year, the OH had a job around 25 miles away from home and, driving at a steady 40 mph there and back, she got our (average) 50mpg car to do 60mpg! However, when we both worked in the same place only four miles distant, the average mpg was down to around 45. We both cycle that distance now, as we start and finish at different times. We only use the car once a week now. :iconbiggrin:

In other words, the longer, steadier journeys gave us an extra 20%. The able-bodied should walk or cycle all journeys less than three miles in length.
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