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Want to share some knowledge of eco products. Or have you heard about any new eco projects that you want to share with the world?
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ina wrote:I've started saving hot water from the kettle: my kettle needs a minimum of two cups water - but being on my own, I often only make one cup of coffee. The rest goes into a flask. If I want another cuppa within a fairly short time, it's still hot enough; if it has cooled down too much, it'll go back into the kettle (with a top-up of cold) and will still save a bit of energy, as the kettle now comes to the boil quicker. A bit fiddly, I admit, but it works.
I have a metal insulated cup similar to this - it's pretty big so I only fill it once in the morning with coffee and once in the afternoon with tea. Keeps hot for hours! Kettle only has to go on twice.
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