Mushroom propagation

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Living the good life
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Mushroom propagation

Post: # 291817Post Cassiepod
Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:00 pm

Hello all, I have a tree root in my garden which each year grows large white mushrooms. I'm not sure what they are and I just let them do their own thing. but it got me thinking, would it be possible to intentionally "sow" other desirable and edible mushrooms in the same location? eg chanterelles which I know grow in the woods where we used to live and i'd happily find and transplant a couple if I thought I could get my own personal supply going.

Any thoughts gratefully received. :thumbright:

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Re: Mushroom propagation

Post: # 291819Post Green Aura
Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:59 pm

Well I know they can inocculate tree roots with truffles, so I'm guessing it's possible. You can buy the spores in little rods that you put in holes of cut logs. I don't know how they'd mix/compete with what's already growing though.

Why don't you see if someone can safely identify your current incumbents - you can grow other mushrooms, on logs, elsewhere.

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