British Beachcombers Urged To Look Out For Rare Turtles

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British Beachcombers Urged To Look Out For Rare Turtles

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Fri Jan 19, 2007 8:48 am

Today the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is urging British beach walkers to look out for stranded marine turtles after recent south-westerly gales have blown in a surge of rare turtles on beaches around the UK. Strong southwesterly winds are forecast for the next few days and may also result in the stranding of more turtles, which, if found alive, can be nursed back to health if rescued from the beach in time.
Since early December 11 turtles, including four leatherback turtles, six loggerhead turtles and a rare Kemps ridley turtle have washed up on beaches in England, Wales and Scotland, with the latest stranding of a dead loggerhead reported on Sunday (14.01.07) at Achmelvich, Sutherland. Only two of the loggerheads and the Kemps ridley were found alive and are now being cared for by the Sea Life Centres in Weymouth and Oban. Once nursed back to health, these turtles will be flown to warmer countries where they will be released back into the Atlantic.

“Winter turtle strandings in the UK tend to be caused by strong south-westerly winds that disorientate small or weak turtles and blow them in from the Atlantic Ocean, so we expect more live turtles might wash up on our beaches in coming weeks,â€Â
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