Old boilers

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Old boilers

Post: # 153246Post dave45
Sun May 10, 2009 8:44 pm

I confess to having an old gas boiler - Glow-Worm balanced flue jobbie, built like a tank. I've had it for 25+ years and it was old when I took it over. It just cost me 40 quid to repair - solenoid stuck. Repair man used a part he'd cannibalised from a scrapper.

Every time I read stuff about green energy there is always something about it being a good idea to replace old boilers with newer more efficient boilers... except that everyone I know who has done that has no end of problems... and the repair chappie said they only expect to last 7 years or so, and cost 2500 upwards.

Compared to a 40 quid repair this makes no financial sense to me at all.

What do other folks do / think?

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Re: Old boilers

Post: # 153253Post snapdragon
Sun May 10, 2009 9:06 pm

Hi, yes the new ones seem to be 'modular' rather than small parts so maybe more pricey to mend
But I changed my 15 year old boiler last year and (am on bottled gas) found myself changing the gas bottles half as often as previously - using half the gas that we had been using made sense to me.
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