Anyone heard of a Hunter range cooker & converting from oil?

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Anyone heard of a Hunter range cooker & converting from oil?

Post: #241771 Esther.R
Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:29 pm

We are considering buying a range - it looks like a Rayburn but doesn't appear to actually be one. It says HUNTER on it?

It has been converted from solid fuel to oil and we would like to convert it back, but not sure what it is and therefore whether we can get the parts?

Any ideas? It appears to still have a lot of the fire section left and an oil burner inserted rather than being completely gutted and is in pretty good condition.

We currently have a range that just cooks and heats the kitchen but doesn't do hot water/radiators, but before we bought the house it had a rayburn that ran the radiators and we would like to reinstate something similar as at the moment we have the range that heats the kitchen, a solid fuel stove that heats the living room and electric radiators on at night in the bedrooms during the winter. All the radiators are still in but were converted to electric central heating before we bought the house but that a. cost a fortune, and b. broke!

Oh and :wave: hello, I haven't been on here for over a year, what with three young kids and usual chaos..

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