New to the group, hope to learn from others.

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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margo - newbie
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New to the group, hope to learn from others.

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My hobby is alternative energy systems. I have done three installations so far. Since its not a business I can relax and focus on doing a good job and finding ways to save wasted energy. Currently I am working of a system to extract all the wasted heat energy from a generator for a family that has been living off the power grid since 1999. I am planning on using a heat Phase change thermal exchanger tank to store the wasted heat energy from the generators hot exhaust gases (approx 800 to 1200 degrees), that's a lot of wasted energy. It will allow me to transfer the stored heat to the water heater tank in the house for hours after the generator has been turned off. I am also building another heat exchanger that will use the wasted heat from the generator engine oil (approx 180 to 200 degrees) to heat hot water for use inside the new home my friend is building. They love being off grid in the woods so much they are now building a 2800 sq ft home. We are designing it to be as energy efficient as possible, using R50 in the roof, R40 n the walls, Geothermal HVAC system that will cut the electrical usage right away by 50% for heating and cooling. Also adding PV solar panels and a wind generator. I love this hobby. Also the picture of the lady is not me, I cant get it to change to the pictures of my solar systems no matter what I do. arcandspark
Installed off grid alternative power system for my friends 3 brdrm 2 bath mobile home, with 3 5000 BTU window air conditioners. Using dual Trace SW4024 inverters with 4500 amp hour Hawker batteries, system running great since 1999.

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